Hello, my name is Rob

I am a technologist, programmer, data architect, SEO & digital marketer with 20+ years experience working with web technologies. I love the internet and have lots of ideas but not enough time.


I like building stuff, here are some of the things that I have done


A multi-award-winning content analytics & productivity platform for busy newsrooms.

HiveAlpha amassed hundreds of users from across Trinity Mirror, democratizing data and improving the workflows of journalists, SEOs, and Social, Legal & Commercial teams.

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hivealpha logo Online Media Award Winner 2017 Media Week Award Winner 2017 Drum Content Award Winner 2017 British Media Awards 2018 shortlist


Open source energy monitoring and reporting

A hobby side-project, HomeAnalytics empowers you to understand and manage your home energy usage by presenting the data in a more usable, useful, and transparent way.

By leveraging existing APIs and freely available data, HomeAnalytics offers a low-cost or no-cost solution to track your electricity usage.

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SEO Tools

Free online SEO tools to boost your website.

A collection of free SEO tools, including an SEO Crawler - identify SEO issues with your website instantly, online, on any device.


Enterprise-scale website crawler. Crawl millions of pages and analyze them on the fly using a powerful search engine.

Built on ElasticSearch, SECrawl gives unparalleled flexibility for SEO experts in managing and monitoring the search performance of their websites.

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Plan your road trips with ease with EVTrip.pro

Relieve your holiday stress by having the confidence of a solid itinerary, and a backup plan for electric vehicle charging points.

This app helps you ensure you have a stress-free travel experience by choosing the best places to charge your EV ahead of time. It also helps you select backup charging stops in case your primary charging station is unavailable or too busy.

Competitive Card Game

User-generated Top Something Cards

Definitely not like any copyrighted card game out there, this is something I built with my son for a computing club that lets you create your own "Competitive Card Game" on any subject under the sun.